Our Leadership Team

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We have a seasoned and committed leadership team with a fresh and clear vision for what God wants to do in us and through us: to become more like Jesus, to be a safe place for all, and to love and serve our world where it's hurting the most.

Most of us have served and worshiped together for over a decade and we still really, really love (and like) each other! That’s Jesus in us.


Meet Gordie and Kathleen Lagore

Senior Pastors

We have lived in East Vancouver since 1991and are in our 23rd year as lead pastors. Prior to this, we were youth pastors in Calgary and spent a two-year sabbatical with the house church movement in England.

Gordie completed his Master’s in Spiritual Theology at Regent College and his certificate in Spiritual Direction with Soulstreams. He loves teaching, writing, leading the church with a contemplative approach, and offering spiritual direction. Kathleen teaches ESL and has a passion for the next generation. Both have a deep love and commitment to people of all cultures and backgrounds, and especially First Nations people.